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At Global Fund Solutions, we understand the needs and goals of our Hedge Fund clients. With over three years of research and development and enlisting fund managers during continuous beta testing, we created a solution that enables fund managers to focus on what is most important to them – their clients. On one end, users can effectively manage client information and allocation while on the other end, they can maintain comprehensive and complex tracking of a range of investment securities and strategies. In today's global environment, the importance of mobility and access are crucial in the financial industry. With Global Fund Solutions, users can securely access data from the office or while on the road. Whether you are a small fund or managing over $500M in assets, we are proven to all sized clients. We invite you to learn more.

The foundation of any investment management company – small or large – is the organization and effectiveness of data


Transfer Agency module is the one-stop tool for managing detail partner specific information. This includes general contact information, purchase and sales activities, hurdle rates, and incentive rebates and discounts. Any relevant partner information is directly integrated with other modules where data can be affected. As a result, our clients are freed from redundant manual input and reconciliation efforts. Being the only integrated and web-based solution for the investment management industry, Global Fund Solutions enables our clients' partners to view their respective account as well as any reports related to their accounts. Clients may also permit investor partners to make changes to contact information on-line. Any information and transactions recorded in the Transfer Agency module are also reflected in the Accounting module simultaneously.


Whether our client is a large or small firm, one common thread exists – focus on the investor partners. Efficient and accurate client management functionalities enable our clients to focus on growing their business, not simply managing it. In the Partnership Accounting module, users can distribute monthly results to partners and perform incentive and rebate calculations with ease. This module leverages partner data already residing in the module as well as in the Transfer Agency module while additional adjustments can be flexibly made through journal entries.

The General Ledger functionality is critical for any business. Within the Global Fund Solutions suite, many business transactions are automatically derived from the Portfolio and Client Relationship modules. However, for any necessary manual entries, our clients have the ability to add/modify or update the accounting module via the Accounting Module's journal entry screen. In order to ease the cumbersome cash reconciliation process, a built-in reconciliation feature is available.

By linking modules, our clients are saved hours of duplication work and manual processes to ensure accuracy, especially in times of quick business changes or month end practices.


The Portfolio Management module has the capabilities to handle a comprehensive range of securities and investments including stocks, bonds, options, futures, and foreign currencies. In an effort to minimize manual entries of transactions and data, the system is capable of downloading trade transactions from custodians or brokers as well as investment prices from multiple sources. Transactions recorded in the Portfolio Management module are also reflected in the Accounting module simultaneously, completely eliminating manual duplication and error.

Global Fund Solutions also offers a unique and highly extensive bond management capability. This built-in system component can handle postings of principal and interest payments, amortization of premiums, accretion of discounts, and earned interest. It has the ability to manage any type of bond your firm may look at – from floating rate coupon bonds, Z-bonds, CMOs, and inverse bonds. With calculations performed by the software,

The Reverse Repo tracking functionality is an exclusive feature to Global Fund Solutions to accommodate our clients' bond market position. This feature enables portfolio managers to accurately and effortlessly track profits and losses as a result of leveraging specific bonds.


We believe that in order to drive a business forward, data must be readily available. Global Funds Solutions' comprehensive reporting tool enables our clients to run various predefined reports to better understand firm and partner specific performance for a specific date or date ranges. For example, the Reporting Tool runs Portfolio Management reports such as Realized Gains and Losses, Portfolio Values, Amortization and Accretion, Accrued Interest, and Investment Transactions. Accounting-related reports include Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Trial Balance and General Ledgers. Our client's may also provide their partners with Periodic Statements or Transaction History reports. Though our comprehensive reporting tool has met the needs of many clients thus far, we understand that each client need varies. In order to exceed our clients' preferences, we have a built-in a report-writer feature – allowing for additional reports to be customized and allowing Global Fund Solutions work for you.


With the internet at the center of today's global business environment, we have made it easy to share and exchange data between parties. The Open Financial Exchange is the specification for any electronic exchange of financial data between financial institutions, businesses and consumers via the Internet. The OFX/Data Exchange module handles the upload of any broker's transaction files – eliminating nearly all manual entries associated with this task.


This unique and proprietary functionality further distinguishes Global Fund Solutions. The suite's interactive tax module allows internal firm users, as well as external CPA's or Chartered Accountants, to adjust economic data in order to comply with tax data compliance regulations. Adjustments are posted simultaneously to the database and may be edited at anytime. Global Fund Solutions also has the ability to generate the US Tax Return Form: 1065 as well as the Schedule K-1 Form – both in PDF format.

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6 Integrated Modules

With Global Fund Solutions, our clients have secure web-based access to 6 integrated modules